What is Connate?

Welcome to Connate

Hi, and welcome to Connate. We are a modern disruptive platform revolutionising the delivery of construction projects. We bring together thousands of cool apps by developers from around the globe, enabling these guys to capitalise on each other’s data through the Connate Construction Platform. We are bringing a whole new way to deliver projects to the Construction Industry and to make your life easier. Ask Google, they know what Connate means:

1. [Philosophy] (especially of ideas or principles) existing in a person or thing from birth; innate.

… but I particularly like this:

2. [Biology] (of parts) united so as to form a single part.

What is Connate? It’s a totally connected series of apps, so connected they are a single platform. Now that you’ve seen it, you realise that you’ve always known it – this is the way all Construction Projects will be delivered in the future – and the future has finally arrived!


And what’s inside?

We have Apps for everyone:

BIM, 4D, 5D, 6D, Document Management, QTO, Estimating, Tendering, Procurement, Construction Schedules, Contract Correspondence, Progress Claims, Cost Control, Defect Management, Quality Management, Change Control, Safety and Environment Management, Sustainability, Green Building, Commissioning, Handover Management, Operations and Maintenance Manuals, Facilities Management, Preventative Maintenance, Help-desk, Lease Management, Space Planning…

And if it’s not in our App Store? Hey, just ask and one of our Developer Partners will work with you to deliver a new App for the Store, or a totally customised solution only available to you and your mates.


But how much does it cost?

That depends on what you need. As the owner of a small project, it could be as little as $10 per month; that gets you a subscription to Connate, and access to all of the free apps. The subscription price for each app is set by the developer and varies depending on the sophistication of the app. In general most apps have a simple free version and a basic version, suitable for most projects, at around $10 per month. You can review an example here.  You only pay for what you want, and you can unsubscribe at any time – you are totally in control.